Heal The City Team

HTC is a wholly volunteer committee dedicated to positive projects that enrich the city of Trenton.

Stacy Heading

Executive Director


Stacy is the Program Director of EEJ Ministries' SEED Male Mentoring Program - "Servants Endeavoring to Empower and Develop". Heal The City is a community outreach initiative of the SEED Male Mentoring Program. Stacy designs unique and various workshops to aid in the self development of today's youth. Mr. Heading is employed full time at Isles Youth Institute, where he is the Evening Program Lifeskills Coordinator. Stacy is known in the Trenton community as a true humanitarian - always encouraging and rallying the youth to give back to their community.  Through his work with both SEED Male Mentoring and Isles, Stacy has won a numerous amounts of awards and accolades and is fondly thought of as a driving force in Trenton.

Ivey Avery

Team Member


Ms Avery is the founding thought advocate behind the Heal The City billboard campaign. A retired school teacher, Ivey is a performing arts advocate that works with community groups to develop Black History programs and other types of cultural programs. She coaches students in oratorical, public speaking and other types of performing arts skills. 

Solomon F. Dinkins III

Team Member


Solomon F. Dinkins III is an entrepreneur and educator who is dedicated to spreading awareness of a balanced lifestyle.  He is the founder of The Balanced Warrior, a lifestyle and philosophy company pioneered to promote healthy living, spiritual and social wellbeing, and success. Solomon is passionate about helping everyone achieve balance both internally and externally by way of overall wellness in lifestyle and relationships.

Ayo M Richardson

Team Member


Ayo Johnson-Richardson is a native New Yorker who has called New Jersey home for most of her adult life. A self-proclaimed personality and leadership test junkie, her organizational specialties include operation analysis, technology integration and change management. She gets great pleasure in serving on the Heal The City team which supports her personal mission of improving the quality of life for inner city children through revitalizing communities in distress.

Corey McCoy



Corey is the masterful photographer whose pictures grace all of Heal The City's billboards. He is owner of Corey McCoy Photography and has photographed hundreds of events in the Trenton area and beyond.  His work appears in published books, on promotional materials featuring NFL players, and the sports section of the Trentonian. The self-taught photographer says he just loves "being apart of special events and capturing those special moments that will last a lifetime".

Donelle M. Presha

Team Member


Donelle is a staunch advocate for the revitalization of the city of Trenton.  A founding mentor of the SEED Male Mentoring Program he dedicates his time to educating and inspiring young men in the community.  He is also an integral part and avid participant in Fathers and Men United For a Better Trenton.

C. Roman

Team Member


Ms. Roman is a founding member of the Heal The City initiative who is dedicated to bringing positivity to the city of Trenton. She is an avid participant of initiatives that support the building of youth, men of color and women.  She volunteers with Dress for Success Mercer County and a host of other organizations.

Amini Sababu

Team Member


 A founding member of the Heal The City initiative, Amini Sababu is a driving force in the Trenton community.  She is founder and director of the Serenity Garden, an ecumenical space created for and by the community that has experienced pain caused by the violence in our community. It's a place of beauty, peace and ealing out of the ashes of sorrow. Ms. Sababu is also the chief organizer of Positive Black Images Connect, a local initiative created to encourage residents to buy Black; and Urban Natural Wellness Project, dedicated to teaching the community about the positive effects of incorporating essential oils into their daily lives.

Gail Taliaferro

Team Member


Ms. Taliaferro is the founder of Essence of Talia, an organization that assists people who are transitioning into a new phase in their life; designed to inspire and motivate people to reach their goals. A budding writer, Gail is also the author of the beloved children's book The Tally Family - Nia Learns a Lesson.  She is a founding member of the Heal The City iniatitive.